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Hidden Agenda Live House


Hidden Agenda 於二零零九年創立,一直致力提供一個不算最舒適,但一定是最出色的演出場地給本地及國際樂隊 演出。Live House 音響設備充裕,特設樂隊休息室。表演台寬闊。場地可容納觀眾三百餘人,內設吧台提供飲品。

過去一年,Hidden Agenda為世界各地及本土不同類型音樂人籌劃演出六十多場,曲風橫跨金屬、爵士、民謠、實 驗噪音、電子舞曲......你講得出及講唔出的都有;我們亦會不定期舉辦/協辦音樂以外的活動,如寵物領養日及電影 放映會等等。

我們每埸演出均設駐埸調音員及燈光師,確保演出順利。亦另有專人籌辦各類音樂表演、派對及藝術活動。 Hidden Agenda 位於觀塘一幢舊式工廠大廈,選址與該社區發展息息相關,皆因觀塘工業區乃本地獨立樂隊搖籃。自工業北 移後,空置的廉租工廠單位不斷吸引各文化單位進駐,創意工業社區亦慢慢於逆流中在觀塘孕育發展。然而文化嫩芽 未能抵擋經濟發展,二零一零年初,Hidden Agenda 舊址因政府的「活化工廈」新策而遭財利工廠大廈業主逼遷以 改建圖利。幸及時覓得新址,現於大業街高良工業大廈復業,繼續本地帶來更多元化的跨地域音樂表演。 於二零一零 年尾,Hidden Agenda 被Time Out Magazie (HK) 評為最本最住場地。

Hidden Agenda began in 2009 when a couple of post-80’s music lovers came up with a crazy idea: transform a band practice room situated in an industrial estate into a venue for live indie music. Within a year it had become a hot spot for local musicians and bands, and even attracted the attention of foreign musicians touring Asia. Unfortunately, the ironically-named “Industrial Building Revitalization” act by our government forced us to evict and terminate the venue. Supporters and musicians at HA wrote their names and messages on the entrance door in a final act of protest. This door was presented to the Art Development Council following a protest by artists against the revilalisation act.

After the closure, a new location was found. Many helped to transform the industrial space into a larger and improved ‘live house’. The new venue has a bigger stage, better sound system and can cater to an audience of up to 300 people. It also features a backstage lounge for performers, a sound engineer/lighting ‘island’, bathrooms and a bar. Hidden Agenda was able to bounce back by organizing more than 60 shows within one year featuring local and international artists with a diverse range of genres such as rock, heavy metal, jazz, folk, punk, post-rock, reggae, visual rock, hip-hop, experimental, noise, techno and more. In the end of 2010, Hidden Agenda was picked by Time Out Magazine (HK) as the best venue in Hong Kong.

Hidden Agenda has since begun utilizing its space for other purposes as well as live shows. Some events have included film screenings, classes, workshops, parties, art exhibitions, handicraft markets and private events. However, in this era of commercialized pop, the main focus has always been, and always will be keeping local and indie music alive. Anyone seeking music outside of the mainstream is welcome at Hidden Agenda. We hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will live as one.